Examples of Vinyl Heat Pressing

We have branded numerous orders using vinyl (poliflex) heat pressed and here are some examples of our work and the quality you can expect from vinyl.

Poliflex can be branded on cotton, polyester or both (polycotton) as well as polypropelene (bags).

We have thus branded t-shirts, golf-shirts, fleece jackets, bags, towels, hats, baby grows, pillow cases, blankets, sashes and so much more

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What is vinyl on clothing?


I’m sure you’ve heard about vinyl on t-shirts… now you thinking stickers?? Surely they will not stay on and will peel off and even if they don’t, after a few washes they certainly will.

Vinyl stickers are a plastic material with sticky adhesive on the back which is covered with paper backing. These are printed and/or kiss-cut to size and shape on a vinyl cutter and then peeled off to be used on signage or products.


A vinyl substrate that applies to clothing called Poliflex works very similarly, however instead of a sticky adhesive to apply the vinyl to clothing it is heated to very temperatures and then pressed down with high pressure onto the clothing using a heat press.


This type of branding has its advantages and its downfalls.

Unlike silkscreen printing which requires a screen to place the ink onto the garment to create the image, there is no setup costs with regards to the poliflex vinyl as you can cut just one piece of vinyl and press it on.

There are many colours available in poliflex including standard colours, neon colours, metallic, foil, glitter and more.

From the simplest text message, logo or images, you can cut out virtually anything in vector (drawn) format, provided you have the time and patience to peel (weed) out the bits you don’t want.

The downfall is you can’t do really small and intricate designs, gradients or photos.

The quality of the vinyl is much better than silkscreen printing which is used more for bulk prints like when you have hundreds and thousands of shirts to make, which you certainly don’t want to sit cutting and peeling out, thus vinyl heat pressing is for smaller quantities.


The vinyl will last much longer than silkscreen and does not crack like silkscreen ink, however you can not iron or tumble dry the vinyl.


If you require any clothing to be branded with poliflex vinyl, contact toMYdoor for a quotation where you can either purchase clothing from them or supply your own to be branded, provided its made of cotton, polyester or both (polycotton).





How to Brand Personalised T-Shirts


Very trendy all over the world are Tshirts branded with lettering, numbers and/or messages. These are often called TypoTees which contains any message using some sort of font.

So now you have a message you want on your own Tshirt… Something really unique to you, how do you go about getting it onto the Tshirt?

Will it look good? Will it last? Is this just an at home Tshirt for you, a gift or are you thinking of launching your own clothing range? Take a look at the methods in which you could brand your TypoTee….

If you are doing bulk printing to sell specific messages then you would silkscreen your message with ink onto the garments. These are economical to print in large quantities, however over time the ink will start to crack, wash after wash.

Silkscreen is also limited to specific or standard colours, so you cant mix or make gradient (fading) colours or fancy designs. It’s plain straight forward print, which is usually used for uniforms or promotional clothing at events to indicate company details or things like “Crew”.


Poli-flex is a specific vinyl made to adhere to material when heat is applied, using a heat press. Poliflex is very durable and lasts much longer than silkscreen printing and does not crack, provided that the washing instructions are adhered to, ie no tumble drying or ironing as the heat will remove the vinyl from the garment.

The lettering or image has to be cut out to shape and then peeled and applied so although there’s usually no setup costs, it is very time consuming, thus these are need used for bulk branding as it does not get cheaper the more you do. You still have to cut out each design and the peel it before you can press it. This method of branding is ideal for small orders and personalised orders where only one or two is required. Such as My King and My Queen matching sets.

Poli-flex comes in a range of standard colours, as well as bright neon colours, glitter, foil, flock (has velvet-suede feel) and so much more. Which can make creating the most hip Tshirt design so easy with no setup costs compared to silkscreen Tshirts.


Embroidery is the stitching of cotton in a pattern to form the lettering, logo and/or image. It has the best quality and the most durable when it comes to reusing and washing, however due to setup costs and stitching counts, it does make it very expensive for very large branded such as message working. Thus this would much rather be used for logos that are pocket sized, ideal for Corporate Clothing.

Dye Sublimation is also ideal for small or personalised orders, however this is not just for lettering or mono-colour designs, it gives you full colour capacity to print anything, such as logos, designs, art, photographs and more.

Dye Sublimation also offers branding on a wide range of products, not just clothing such as mugs, bags, jewellery, notebooks, plates, coasters and so much more.


A new trend that has presented itself is Flex Soft. It’s a specific paper which is printed with black toner and then heat pressed with a special glue paper in the shape of the design and then pressed onto a garment and only the colour of the Flex paper is left behind on the garment in the shape of the design. No peeling (weeding) is required at all.

This is much faster than cutting Poli-flex and can have really intricate and/or complicated designs. These do come in standard colours, neon as well as Silver/Gold.

This takes personalised message onto Tshirts to a whole new level, especially with an ever growing font collection out there.

Should you require any of the above, please feel free to visit our website http://www.tomydoor.biz or send us an email sales@tomydoor.biz

The Journey Begins

A creative flair, years of various design/print experience and a passion to create something really unique for clients and their loved ones …. has birthed To MY Door….

Although it will be a part time endeavor… the aim is to be operate completely from home full time, with hubby out doing the deliveries to the clients directly… hence the ToMYDoor… so when you looking for gifts, clothing or decor you want it to come to-my-door… As online shopping is growing in popularity in South Africa, although only about 5% of the industry is online shopping, compared to overseas.. we have a loooonngg way to go… but with social media and technology… its a logical step in shopping…

I plan to be home one day, in a creative space and peaceful environment – no more shops/offices/factories…. Just home, designing, painting and more……. and after school, my kids around will be learning everything I do.. so that one day they too can be entrepreneurs…. There’s no point in waiting until they in their matric year and then start deciding if it will be studies, a job.. or join the family business…

Start planning now… so this is for my kids… to change our lifestyle for a more family-orientated life…. couple of years to go before they will be “working” .. but I know they are already enthusiastic to help me create the most amazing gifts for my clients… and soon they will be more than assistants.. they will be creators…

This is my dream and my wish coming true… the start of kicking off our family business..

Thank you God for the opportunity presented with an amazing support infrastructure.

As I’m “drowning” in a hectic work environment.. I can see a light shining in the distance… there is a better life waiting for me… God has amazing plans for me… my family is much more important to me……time to start paddling my way forward to the light, to a better life…. a life of happiness and joy…. which I want to share in my creations.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton