What is vinyl on clothing?


I’m sure you’ve heard about vinyl on t-shirts… now you thinking stickers?? Surely they will not stay on and will peel off and even if they don’t, after a few washes they certainly will.

Vinyl stickers are a plastic material with sticky adhesive on the back which is covered with paper backing. These are printed and/or kiss-cut to size and shape on a vinyl cutter and then peeled off to be used on signage or products.


A vinyl substrate that applies to clothing called Poliflex works very similarly, however instead of a sticky adhesive to apply the vinyl to clothing it is heated to very temperatures and then pressed down with high pressure onto the clothing using a heat press.


This type of branding has its advantages and its downfalls.

Unlike silkscreen printing which requires a screen to place the ink onto the garment to create the image, there is no setup costs with regards to the poliflex vinyl as you can cut just one piece of vinyl and press it on.

There are many colours available in poliflex including standard colours, neon colours, metallic, foil, glitter and more.

From the simplest text message, logo or images, you can cut out virtually anything in vector (drawn) format, provided you have the time and patience to peel (weed) out the bits you don’t want.

The downfall is you can’t do really small and intricate designs, gradients or photos.

The quality of the vinyl is much better than silkscreen printing which is used more for bulk prints like when you have hundreds and thousands of shirts to make, which you certainly don’t want to sit cutting and peeling out, thus vinyl heat pressing is for smaller quantities.


The vinyl will last much longer than silkscreen and does not crack like silkscreen ink, however you can not iron or tumble dry the vinyl.


If you require any clothing to be branded with poliflex vinyl, contact toMYdoor for a quotation where you can either purchase clothing from them or supply your own to be branded, provided its made of cotton, polyester or both (polycotton).






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