The Journey Begins

A creative flair, years of various design/print experience and a passion to create something really unique for clients and their loved ones …. has birthed To MY Door….

Although it will be a part time endeavor… the aim is to be operate completely from home full time, with hubby out doing the deliveries to the clients directly… hence the ToMYDoor… so when you looking for gifts, clothing or decor you want it to come to-my-door… As online shopping is growing in popularity in South Africa, although only about 5% of the industry is online shopping, compared to overseas.. we have a loooonngg way to go… but with social media and technology… its a logical step in shopping…

I plan to be home one day, in a creative space and peaceful environment – no more shops/offices/factories…. Just home, designing, painting and more……. and after school, my kids around will be learning everything I do.. so that one day they too can be entrepreneurs…. There’s no point in waiting until they in their matric year and then start deciding if it will be studies, a job.. or join the family business…

Start planning now… so this is for my kids… to change our lifestyle for a more family-orientated life…. couple of years to go before they will be “working” .. but I know they are already enthusiastic to help me create the most amazing gifts for my clients… and soon they will be more than assistants.. they will be creators…

This is my dream and my wish coming true… the start of kicking off our family business..

Thank you God for the opportunity presented with an amazing support infrastructure.

As I’m “drowning” in a hectic work environment.. I can see a light shining in the distance… there is a better life waiting for me… God has amazing plans for me… my family is much more important to me……time to start paddling my way forward to the light, to a better life…. a life of happiness and joy…. which I want to share in my creations.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



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